We are thrilled that many of our Marketplace vendors are seeing strong results from the Marketplace.  Here are some examples.

"Aviary's free editing suite has been installed by thousands of businesses and schools since joining Google's Apps Marketplace. We're excited to have a new expansive and targeted customer base for our collaborative suite of multimedia editors."
-Avi Muchnick, CEO of Aviary

"In our first week in the Marketplace, we signed up the same number of accounts we usually do in two months."
-Pam O'Hara, CEO BatchBlue

"The Google Apps Marketplace provides Cloud Sherpas with an excellent vehicle for reaching new customers. Since launch, an average of 250 new companies per week have installed SherpaTools for Google Apps. And with an average company size over 100 users, and 15% over 1,000, the Marketplace has helped us reach our target market like nothing else."
-Michael Cohn, Founder & VP of Marketing and Product Management

"Google Apps Marketplace is the most obvious way to get instant access to millions of cloud-friendly small businesses.  It's a snap to integrate, and by adding contact import we've increased signups by 350% overnight!

"Joining the Google Apps Marketplace was a no brainer. The 20% rev share terms are fair and using Open Web standards made it easy for our dev team to start work immediately.  Our customers have been very excited about the integration! On launch day alone, we talked to over 100 customers wanting to know more, and we have since signed up hundreds of accounts from the Marketplace."  
-Sunir Shah, Chief Handshaker, FreshBooks

"Insight.ly is a very small player in a crowded market for customer relationship management software, but we chose to launch our product in the Google Apps Marketplace. This instantly gave us global exposure to more than 25 million users and 2 million businesses, association with a trusted brand, and a steady stream of new customers every day. It was absolutely the single best decision we ever made."
-Anthony Smith, Founder of Insight.ly

"Since the launch, we've been averaging over 1,000 new business sign-ups per week through the Marketplace - double our previous weekly rate.  And we've significantly increased revenue as they're converting to the premium editions of Manymoon!"
-Amit Kulkarni, CEO, Manymoon

"In the first month of the Google Apps Marketplace launch, we signed up over 3,000 new small businesses...To put this in perspective, it took us 2-years to reach a customer base of 6,000. This is huge for myERP.com.... We're now receiving emails from small businesses all over the world to localize myERP.com for their country." 
-François Nadal, CEO and Founder of myERP.com

"We have seen a 500% increase in the number of seats being trialled by businesses since joining the Google Apps Marketplace. In 4 simple clicks, an IT administrator can get all their employees using SlideRocket within Google Apps - saving time and providing employees with a rich, integrated experience." 
-Chuck Dietrich, SlideRocket CEO

"The Google Apps Marketplace has had a dramatic impact on not only the quantity but the quality of our customer funnel.  Our average monthly recurring revenue from the Marketplace is 33% higher than our non-paid SEO/PR leads, 63% higher than our PPC leads, and backed by strong volume - 42% of our strong non-paid leads now come from the Marketplace." 
-Brent Frei, Founder and Chairman Smartsheet.com

"We are extremely happy with the results from the Apps Marketplace. We add hundreds of new companies to Zoho Apps every week through the Marketplace. Frankly, I'd be lying if I said that I expected this success earlier. Now our users are pushing for more. We are expanding our effort to integrate other Zoho Apps as well as improve existing integrations. We appreciate Google for building an open and successful platform, yet again." 
-Sridhar Vembu, CEO, Zoho