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Create a Video

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to be featured on the Google Apps Marketplace YouTube channel, (1) you must have an installable app available for sale in the Google Apps Marketplace, (2) your video must reference your apps' integration with Google Apps and/or availability on the Google Apps Marketplace, and (3) your video must pass a lightweight review by Google. To ensure a smooth process, send your script, including an explanation of any Google-related visuals you plan to use, to before shooting your video.

A creative and compelling video is a great way to raise awareness of your product, not only among customers but among Google Apps sales reps and VARs. We will post videos that adhere to the three guidelines outlined above to our YouTube channel. We've also included some quick guidelines below.

What makes a good video:
What makes a bad video:
  • A videotaped product pitch, slide deck presentation, or whiteboard demo. Anything that feels like a television commercial. Anything that's boring. Remember, people want to be entertained!
  • We won't provide examples, but you should get the idea! 
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