Why use an "Add to Apps" button?

Adding this button to your product landing pages can drive high-converting traffic to your listing page, significantly increasing installs of your app:
  1. Convert better: Keep your users from getting lost while navigating between the Marketplace and your website. This will result in a better user experience and more installs (Graphic Belw
  2. Accurate tracking: Having the button installed correctly will enhance data-driven tracking so that we can better work together to improve.
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How do I install the button?

Install the button by following these simple guidelines:

1. You should always link the "Add to Google Apps" button to your product listing page in the Google Apps Marketplace. Do not link to your vendor listing page or any other page that is not part of the Marketplace.

2. Help us track how much traffic you're sending to the Marketplace by appending the following string to the end of your product listing URL:


For example, Foo app's URL would look like this:


3. There are two versions of the button, a drop-shadow and a no-shadow version. The no-shadow button can be used on any background; the drop-shadow button should be used on white backgrounds only.
How do I track my button's performance?

Once you set up and have access to your Google analytics, you can track performance of your "Add to Apps" button easily.
Once you access analytics:

1.Select the relevant dates
2.Click “Traffic Sources”
3.Click “All Traffic Sources” under the “Traffic Sources” section
4.Change the drop down to “Medium” only
5.Search for “button” as your medium and check the stats.

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Best Practices and Examples

Place the "Add to Apps" button in a place where it stands out and is noticeable to users. Typically the upper right corner of your web page works best; in some cases, it makes sense to place the button at the end of a block of text, so that users see it immediately after reading about your app. Avoid placing the button in a "crowded" or busy part of your page where it may not be noticeable.

Below are some examples of how some Marketplace vendors have incorporated the "Add to Google Apps" button into their pages.

Common button problems
  1. Not used at all: Not using the button can lead to user confusion and a missed opportunity to track marketing efforts
  2. Coded incorrectly: Inability to identify traffic from your button makes iterating for improvements unclear.
  3. Improper placement: A poorly placed button is minimizes the benefits of having a button. Prominent placement drives action. Ex: Aviary
  4. Too many conflicting calls to action: This can cause user confusion and dilute a user’s attention.