Listing Management

Edit your listing

1. On any page in the marketplace, click Sign in.

2. Enter you Google account email and password.
   If you don't have a Google account, click Enter you email address to access the document.
   Enter the entire address, for example,
   Enter the password for that account on the next page.

3. On any page in the marketplace, click My Vendor Profile at the top of the page.

   Your Vendor Profile opens.

4. Click Edit for the listing you want to edit.

5. Edit the product/service information as encessary.

6. Click Save and Preview.

7. When you are satisfied with the information you've provided, click I am ready! Submit this listing for approval.

8. If you want to remove the listing, click Unpublish.


The Marketplace displays statistics like ratings and reviews and number of installs publicly in the site.  

Web traffic statistics like pageviews, referrers, and clickthroughs can be measured by entering your Google Analytics code into your listing form.  Edit your Marketplace listing and scroll down to the "Google Analytics" section.

Featured Listings

The Marketplace front page includes "Featured" listings and "Notable" listings.  These listings are selected by an editorial team at Google.